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21,39 is a non-profit initiative organized by the Saudi Art Council, a group of local art
enthusiasts who wish to contribute to the local community through the promotion of art and
culture. Illustrating the geographic coordinates of the city ( 21.5433°N, 39.1728°E ), 21,39 seeks
to maintain and develop the phenomena that has, for decades, seen Jeddah at the forefront of
Saudi Arabia’s contemporary art scene. The program includes curated exhibitions, gallery
openings, workshops and a series of talks and discussions that aim to build bridges with the
outside world through the universal language of art.

curated by Dr. Effat Fadaq

21, 39 - 6th Edition: Al Obour

Al Obour, defined as the act of crossing, traversing or transcending, is the permeation of time, matter, and existence. In an act of Obour, exploring the physical and metaphysical realms through multiple forms of dialogue in both tangible and intangible mediums. The exhibition presents the concept of Al Obour as one related to artists' individual journey to present their personal semiotics through contemporary art forms.
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curated by Vassilis Oikonomopoulos

5th Edition: Refusing to Be Still

The generation of ideas, concepts and artistic forms is an endless negotiation and a continuous dialogue. Like an evolving reality, artistic practices are constantly transforming, refusing to stand still and become permanent. In a fast-forming landscape of events, which characterises the contemporary moment in Saudi, the 2018 edition of `{`21,39`}` @saudiartcouncil investigates the multifaceted practices that emerge in this continuously active domain.
curated by Sam Bardaouil & Till Fellrath

4th Edition: Safar

The Arabic word for travel safar has its roots in the word saafer, a term that is used to describe things that are revealed, or unveiled. Instead of simply designating a process of movement from one site to another, the Arabic word safar implies a process of discovery and exploration by which things are revealed to the traveler leading to added knowledge of self, of the other, of the places that were left behind and the places that were arrived at.
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curated by Mona Khazindar & Hamza Serafi

3rd Edition: Earth & Ever After

The Earth is the collective memory that is bound to our subconscious. She is a reflection of ourselves, manifesting herself as a constant flow of images that teem with scent, taste and colour.
This exhibition invites you to reflect on humanity’s relationship with the Earth, to explore whether it is reconciled with their own personal bond and how an artist’s environment is inextricably bound to his sense of identity and roots.

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curated by Bashar Al Shroogi

2nd Edition: Fast Forward

Fast Forward, the 2015 exhibition for 21,39, attempts to compile a historical record of the development of the visual arts ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition, arranged as a timeline, presents initial, non-exhaustive research findings into the development of artists, art professionals, collections, foundations, public art, and other factors that contributed to building the art movement and extending its reach.
Conceived by Hamza Serafi / Curated by Aya Alireza & Raneem Farsi

1st Edition: Moallaqat

This exhibition demonstrates that whilst the world has changed dramatically since the time of the Moallaqat, there is nevertheless a way of life, modes of thought, and cultural foundations that have survived and that have been passed down from generation to generation along with the legend. You will, therefore, find that there is much that still resonates with our artists, and that there are certain constancies in life that survive the constant change, such as love, war, and family values.
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