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The Saudi Art Council

The Saudi Art Council (SAC) was founded by a group of local arts patrons, led by Her Royal Highness, Princess Jawaher bint Majed, in 2013. SAC is one of the first platforms in the Kingdom to engage with local artists to produce self-owned works within the framework of a curated annual exhibition of an international caliber: 21,39 Jeddah Arts. Our annual exhibitions have flourished through the talent and guidance of each of the globally respected curators we’ve appointed each year.

Through our 21,39 Jeddah Arts exhibition, we have not only launched the careers of numerous artists, but we have been at the forefront of a number of this decade’s most influential and successful artworks to come out of the Kingdom. Beyond our commitment to produce this exhibition for the local and international art worlds, we strive to educate artists and community members through our work and approach here at the Saudi Art Council.


21,39 Jeddah Arts

21,39 Jeddah Arts is the Saudi Art Council’s seminal annual art initiative. It consists of a large annual art exhibit featuring international and local artists. Extensive programming is built around this annual exhibition each year, including other related exhibitions, educational workshops, curated cultural events, and symposiums taking place at various venues in Jeddah. The initiative itself is named in reference to the geographic coordinates of our beloved city (i.e. 21.5433°N,39.1728°E).

The Saudi Art Council launched 21,39 Jeddah Arts in 2014 to create a platform for local artists and institutions and provide to them visibility among local audiences, as well as connections with and access to the global art community.

Each year, the Saudi Art Council strives to take another step in the right direction that will bring us closer to our vision of making art and culture available to all, to instill it as a right and not a privilege, to be experienced and enjoyed as part of daily life and most importantly to provide the tools through which it can be appreciated and understood. Art is universal and part of our human nature. While recently art has been used as a means of cross-cultural understanding, it is our fervent hope that it can also be used to better understand ourselves.

The Saudi Art Council

Council Members

Of equal importance, the Saudi Art Council would like 21,39 to present to its people an opportunity to view and appreciate the artistic culture that exists and is developing in their homeland. The importance of education plays an integral role within the program, enforcing the awareness and the teaching of art in our culture and daily lives. Together with the exhibitions, workshops and symposium programs, this initiative aims to continue to elevate Jeddah and its diverse community within the artistic culture throughout Saudi Arabia.

  • Mohammed Hafiz, Vice-Chairman
  • Lama bint Mansour
  • Khulood Attar
  • Aya Alireza
  • Sara Alireza
  • Sara Binladen
  • Nadia Al-Zuhair
  • Eissa Bougary
  • Raneem Farsi
  • Nawaf Al-Nassar
  • Hamza Serafi
  • Hayat Shobokshi
  • Basma Al-Sulaiman
  • Faisal Tamer
  • Abdullah Al-Turki

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The Saudi Art Council
Az Zahra Dist.
7216 Ahmad Al Attas st.
Jeddah 23425
Saudi Arabia

Phone number: 00966 (0)12 275 4005


Exhibition Opening Hours in HQ:
Monday to Thursday from 2 PM to 10 PM
Friday 5 PM to 10 PM
Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM

The Saudi Art Council
Gate 2, Gold Moor
Al Zahra District
7216 Ahmad Al Attas St.
Jeddah 23425